Learning from Energy Policy in Neighborhood

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The National Renewable Energy Program (NREP) of Philippines seeks to increase the Renewable Energy (RE)-based capacity of the country to an estimated 15,304MW by the year 2030, almost triple its 2010 level.

To realize this goal, the NREP:

  1. institutionalizes a comprehensive approach to address the challenges and gaps that prevent and/or delay wider application of RE technologies in sustainable manner.
  2. outlines the action plans necessary to facilitate and encourage greater private sector investments in RE development.

Spectrum that NREP intends to fulfill:

  1. Increase Geothermal Capacity by 75%
  2. Increase Hydropower Capacity by 160%
  3. Deliver additional 277MW Biomass Power Capacity
  4. Attain Wind Power Grid parity with the commissioning 0f 2,345MW additional Capacities
  5. Mainstream an additional 284MW Solar Power Capacities and work towards achieving the aspirational target of 1,528MW
  6. Develop the first ocean energy facility for the country.


National Renewable Energy Program Philippines-Executive Summary-v2

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