Polymers, Synthesis, Characterization

List of Handbook, updated June 2018:

  1. Handbook of sustainable polymers, Vijay Kumar Thakur
  2. Handbook of Biodegradable Polymers: Synthesis, Characterization and Applications, 1st Edition, Andreas Lendlein, Adam Sisson
  3. Handbook Of Biodegradable Polymers, Abraham J. Domb, Joseph Kost, David M. Wiseman
  4. Handbook Of Biodegradable Polymers, Catia Bastioli
  5. Handbook on Biodegradable Plastics (Eco-friendly plastics), NIIR Board
  6. A Handbook of Applied Biopolymer Technology: Synthesis, Degradation and Applications, Sanjay K Sharma, Ackmez Mudhood
  7. Biodegradable Polymers, published by INTECH open science-open minded
  8. Chemistry and Technology of Biodegradable Polymers, G. J. L. Griffin
  9. International Conference of (Bio)degradable Polymers from Renewable Resources, Polish Academy of Sciences, Scientific Centre in Vienna
  10. Biodegradable Polymers from Agricultural Products from Agricultural Materials as Renewable Resources, Glenn Fuller, Thomas A. McKeon, Donald D. Bills
  11. Biodegradable Polymers: Recent Developments and New Perspectives, Geraldine Rohman
  12. Handbook of polymers for pharmaceutical technologies, Vijay Kumar Thakur
  13. Specialty Polymers: Materials and Applications, Faiz Mohammad
  14. Poly(disulfidediamines) : new biodegradable polymers, thesis, Tyler A. Graf
  15. Synthetic Biodegradable Polymers, Advance in Polymer Science 245, Springer, Bernhard Rieger, Andreas Kuenkel, Geoffrey W. Coates, et al.
  16. Handbook of Thermoplastics, 2nd Edition, CRC Press, Olagoke Olabisi, Kolapo Adewale
  17. Absorbable and Biodegradable Polymers, Advances in Polymeric Biomaterials, Shalaby W. Shalaby, Karen J. L. Burg
  18. Handbook of Thermoset Plastics, 2nd Edition, Sidney H. Goodman
  19. Fundamentals of Polymer Engineering, 2nd Edition, revised and expanded, Anil Kumar, Rakesh K. Gupta
  20. Pharmaceutical Technology, controlled drug release, Vol.2, Ellis Horwood Series in pharmaceutical technology, M. H. Rubinstein
  21. Pharmaceutical Application of polymers for drug delivery, David Jones
  22. Handbook of Pharmaceutical Granulation Technology, James Swarbrick
  23. Biodegradable Polymers and Plastics in Japan: research, development and applications, Japanese Technology Evaluation Center
  24. Analytical Methods for Monitoring Biodegradation Processes of Environmentally Degradable Polymers, marten van der Zee
  25. Ecotoxicity assessment of biodegradable plastics and sewage sludge in compost and in soil, Anu Kapanen
  26. Environmentally Degradable Polymeric Materials and Plastics, Guidelines to Standards and Testing Practices, Hemjinda S, dkk.
  27. Handbook of Polymers, George Wypych, ChemTec Publishing, 2013
  28. Handbook of Polymers, 2nd Edition, George Wypych, ChemTec Publishing, 2016
  29. Handbook of Conducting Polymers, Conjugated Polymers-Processing and Application, 3rd Edition, Terje A. Skotheim and John R. Reynolds, CRC Press, 2007
  30. Handbook of Radical Polymerization, K. Matyjaszewski, T. Davis, Wiley, 2002
  31. Physical Properties of Polymers Handbook, James E. Mark
  32. Handbook of Polymer Synthesis, 2nd Edition, Hans R. Kricheldorf, Oskar Nuyken, Graham Swift, CRC Press, 2004
  33. Synthesis of Polymers, New structures and Methods, A. Dieter Schlüter, Craig J. Hawker, Junji Sakamoto, WILEY-VCH, 2012
  34. Powder Technology Handbook, 3rd Edition, Hiroaki Masuda, Ko Higashitani, Hideto Yoshida, CRC press, 2006
  35. Handbook of Polymer Synthesis, Characterization, and Processing, Enrique Saldivar Guerra, Eduardo Vivaldo Lima, WILEY, 2013
  36. Polymer Handbook, 2 Volumes Set, 4th Edition, J. Brandrup, E. H. Immergut, E. A. Grulke, 2003
  37. Handbook of RAFT Polymerization, Christopher Barner-Kowolik, WILEY-WCH, 2008
  38. Plastics Technology Handbook, 4th Edition, Manas Chanda, Salil K. Roy, CRC Press, 2006
  39. Principles and Applications of EMULSION Polymerization, Chorng-Shyan Chern, Wiley, 2008
  40. Introduction to Polymer Rheology, Montgomery T. Shaw, Wiley, 2012
  41. Characterization of Polymer Blends: Miscibility, Morphology and Interfaces, Sabu Thomas, Yves Grohens , P. Jyotishkumar, 2015
  42. Chemistry and Technology of Emulsion Polymerisation, 2nd Edition, A. M. van Herk, Wiley, 2013
  43. Self-Doped Conducting Polymers, Michael S. Freund, Bhavana Deore, Wiley, 2007
  44. Emulsion Science Basic Principles, 2nd Edition, Fernando Leal-Calderon, Veronique Schmitt, Jerome Bibette, Springer, 2007
  45. Introduction to Polymer Chemistry, Fourth Edition, Charles E. Carraher Jr., CRC Press, 2017
  46. Conductive Electroactive Polymers: Intelligent Polymer Systems, Third Edition, Gordon G. Wallace, Peter R. Teasdale, Geoffrey M. Spinks, Leon A. P. Kane-Maguire, CRC Press, 2008
  47. Carbon Nanotube-Polymer Composites, Manufacture, Properties, and Applications, Brian P. Grady, Wiley, 2011

List of Journal, Conference and Proceeding categorized in Polymers and Plastics (Scimago Journal and Country Rank)

  1. 10th International Conference on Geosynthetics, ICG 2014
  2. 1979 EIC 14th Electrical/Electronics Insulation Conference, EIC 1979
  3. 2014 IEEE 20th International Symposium for Design and Technology in Electronic Packaging, SIITME 2014
  4. 2014 Silicon Nanoelectronics Workshop, SNW 2014
  5. 2015 International Conference on Information and Communication Technologies, ICICT 2015
  6. 2015 International Conference on Memristive Systems, MEMRISYS 2015
  7. 2016 Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics, CLEO 2016
  8. 2016 Mediterranean Ad Hoc Networking Workshop, Med-Hoc-Net 2016 – 15th IFIP MEDHOCNET 2016
  9. 21st International Congress of Chemical and Process Engineering, CHISA 2014 and 17th Conference on Process Integration, Modelling and Optimisation for Energy Saving and Pollution Reduction, PRES 2014
  10. 25th Annual Conference on Recent Advances in Flame Retardancy of Polymeric Materials
  11. 2nd Conference on Forward Modelling of Sedimentary Systems: From Desert to Deep Marine Depositioned Systems
  12. AATCC Journal of Research WoS
  13. ACS Macro Letters
  14. Acta Materialia
  15. Acta Polymerica Sinica WoS
  16. Additives for Polymers
  17. Adhaesion Kleben und Dichten
  18. Advanced Composites Bulletin
  19. Advances in Civil Engineering Materials WoS
  20. Advances in Heterocyclic Chemistry
  21. Advances in Manufacturing WoS
  22. Advances in Materials Research (South Korea) WoS
  23. Advances in Polymer Science
  24. Advances in Polymer Technology WoS
  25. Advances in Textiles Technology
  26. ANCS 2016 – Proceedings of the 2016 Symposium on Architectures for Networking and Communications Systems
  27. Annual Technical Conference – ANTEC, Conference Proceedings
  28. Applied Adhesion ScienceOpen Access
  29. ATA Journal
  30. Biomacromolecules
  31. BIOSTEC 2016 – 9th International Joint Conference on Biomedical Engineering Systems and Technologies – Doctoral Consortium
  32. British Plastics and Rubber
  33. BTRA Scan
  34. Canadian Textile Journal
  35. Carbohydrate Polymers
  36. Cellular Polymers WoS
  37. Cellulose
  38. China Textile and Apparel
  39. Chinese Journal of Polymer Science (English Edition)
  40. Clothing and Textiles Research Journal WoS
  41. Colloid and Polymer Science
  42. Companion to the Proceedings of the 12th International Symposium on Open Collaboration, OpenSym 2016
  43. Composites Communications
  44. Conference Proceedings of 2015 2nd International Conference on Knowledge-Based Engineering and Innovation, KBEI 2015
  45. Current Opinion in Colloid and Interface Science
  46. Designed Monomers and PolymersOpen Access WoS
  47. Engineering Solid Mechanics
  48. E-PolymersOpen Access WoS
  49. European Polymer Journal
  50. European Rubber Journal
  51. Express Polymer Letters
  52. Facta Universitatis, Series: Mechanical EngineeringOpen Access WoS
  53. Fangzhi Gaoxiao Jichukexue Xuebao
  54. Fibers and Polymers WoS
  55. Fire and Materials WoS
  56. Food Packaging and Shelf Life
  57. GAK Gummi Fasern Kunststoffe
  58. Gaofenzi Cailiao Kexue Yu Gongcheng/Polymeric Materials Science and Engineering
  59. Geotechnical Fabrics Report
  60. Green Materials WoS
  61. Hecheng Shuzhi Ji Suliao/China Synthetic Resin and Plastics
  62. High Performance Polymers WoS
  63. IJCCI 2016 – Proceedings of the 8th International Joint Conference on Computational Intelligence
  64. Indian Journal of Fibre and Textile ResearchOpen Access WoS
  65. Industria Textila WoS
  66. Industrial & Engineering Chemistry, Process Design and Development
  67. Integrated Photonics Research, Silicon and Nanophotonics, IPRSN 2015
  68. InTents
  69. International Dyer
  70. International Journal of Adhesion and Adhesives
  71. International Journal of Clothing Science and Technology WoS
  72. International Journal of Plastics Technology
  73. International Journal of Polymer Analysis and Characterization WoS
  74. International Journal of Polymer ScienceOpen Access WoS
  75. International Journal of Polymeric Materials and Polymeric Biomaterials
  76. International Polymer Processing WoS
  77. International Polymer Science and Technology
  78. Iranian Polymer Journal (English Edition) WoS
  79. ITA-AITES World Tunnel Congress 2016, WTC 2016
  80. Izvestiya Vysshikh Uchebnykh Zavedenii, Seriya Teknologiya Tekstil’noi Promyshlennosti
  81. Journal of Applied Polymer Science
  82. Journal of Bioactive and Compatible Polymers WoS
  83. Journal of Cellular Plastics
  84. Journal of Dispersion Science and Technology WoS
  85. Journal of Dong Hua University (English Edition)
  86. Journal of Elastomers and Plastics WoS
  87. Journal of Industrial Textiles WoS
  88. Journal of Inorganic and Organometallic Polymers and Materials WoS
  89. Journal of Macromolecular Science – Physics WoS
  90. Journal of Macromolecular Science – Pure and Applied Chemistry WoS
  91. Journal of Materials Science and Technology
  92. Journal of Nanostructured Polymers and Nanocomposites
  93. Journal of Photopolymer Science and Technology WoS
  94. Journal of Plastic Film and Sheeting WoS
  95. Journal of Polymer Engineering WoS
  96. Journal of Polymer Materials WoS
  97. Journal of Polymer Research WoS
  98. Journal of Polymer Science, Part A: Polymer Chemistry
  99. Journal of Polymer Science, Part B: Polymer Physics
  100. Journal of Polymers and the Environment
  101. Journal of Reinforced Plastics and Composites
  102. Journal of the Korean Society of Clothing and Textiles
  103. Journal of the Society of Dyers and Colourists
  104. Journal of the Textile AssociationOpen Access
  105. Journal of the Textile Institute WoS
  106. Journal of Tianjin Polytechnic University
  107. Journal of Vinyl and Additive Technology WoS
  108. Kauchuk i Rezina
  109. KDIR 2014 – Proceedings of the International Conference on Knowledge Discovery and Information Retrieval
  110. KGK Kautschuk Gummi Kunststoffe WoS
  111. Kobunshi
  112. Kobunshi Ronbunshu WoS
  113. Kunststoffe International
  114. Macromolecular Bioscience
  115. Macromolecular Chemistry and Physics
  116. Macromolecular Materials and Engineering
  117. Macromolecular Rapid Communications
  118. Macromolecular Reaction Engineering
  119. Macromolecular Research
  120. Macromolecular Symposia
  121. Macromolecular Theory and Simulations
  122. Macromolecules
  123. Man-Made Textiles in India
  124. Mater Plast Elastomeri Fibre Sint WoS
  125. Materiali in TehnologijeOpen Access WoS
  126. Materials Performance and Characterization
  127. Materials Research Express
  128. Materials Today Chemistry
  129. Mechanics of Composite Materials WoS
  130. Melliand International
  131. Metabolic Engineering X
  132. Metal Finishing
  133. Modern Plastics
  134. Muanyag Es Gumi/Plastics and Rubber
  135. Nonwovens Industry
  136. Plasma Processes and Polymers
  137. Plasticheskie Massy: Sintez Svojstva Pererabotka Primenenie
  138. Plastics Engineering
  139. Plastics Technology
  140. Plastics, Rubber and Composites WoS
  141. POF 2014 – 23rd International Conference on Plastic Optical Fibers, Proceedings
  142. Polimeri
  143. Polimery WoS
  144. Polycyclic Aromatic Compounds
  145. Polymer – Plastics Technology and Engineering WoS
  146. Polymer Bulletin WoS
  147. Polymer Chemistry
  148. Polymer Composites
  149. Polymer Degradation and Stability
  150. Polymer Engineering and Science
  151. Polymer International
  152. Polymer Journal
  153. Polymer Korea WoS
  154. Polymer Reviews
  155. Polymer Science – Series A WoS
  156. Polymer Science – Series B WoS
  157. Polymer Science – Series C
  158. Polymer Science – Series D
  159. Polymer Testing
  160. Polymer
  161. Polymers and Polymer Composites WoS
  162. Polymers for Advanced Technologies
  163. Polymers from Renewable Resources
  164. Polymers Paint Colour Journal
  165. Polymers
  166. Proceedings – 2014 Symposium on Automation and Computation for Naval, Offshore and Subsea, NAVCOMP 2014
  167. Proceedings – 2015 5th International Conference on e-Learning, ECONF 2015
  168. Proceedings – 2015 IEEE 12th International Conference on Mobile Ad Hoc and Sensor Systems, MASS 2015
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  173. Proceedings of 2016 International Conference ‘Stability and Oscillations of Nonlinear Control Systems’ (Pyatnitskiy’s Conference), STAB 2016
  174. Proceedings of the 11th European Conference on Computer Systems, EuroSys 2016
  175. Proceedings of the 1st Workshop on Programming Language Evolution, PLE 2014 – co-located with ECOOP 2014
  176. Proceedings of the 7th International Conference on FRP Composites in Civil Engineering, CICE 2014
  177. Proceedings of the 8th International Conference on Mechanochemistry and Mechanical Alloying, INCOME 2014
  178. Proceedings of WHPCF 2015: 8th Workshop on High Performance Computational Finance – Held in conjunction with SC 2015: The International Conference for High Performance Computing, Networking, Storage and Analysis
  179. Progress in Polymer Science
  180. Progress in Rubber Plastics Recycling Technology WoS
  181. Reactive and Functional Polymers
  182. Reinforced Plastics
  183. Reviews of Adhesion and Adhesives WoS
  184. Revista de Quimica e Industria Textil
  185. RINA, Royal Institution of Naval Architects – ICSOT Korea: Safety of Offshore and Subsea Structures in Extreme and Accidental Conditions 2015, Papers
  186. RSC Polymer Chemistry Series
  187. Rubber Chemistry and Technology WoS
  188. Rubber Developments
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  190. Sen’i Gakkaishi WoS
  191. SMPTE International Conference on Stereoscopic 3D for Media and Entertainment
  192. Society of Petroleum Engineers – SPE Bergen One Day Seminar
  193. Society of Plastics Engineers – Flexible Packaging Conference, FlexPackCon 2014
  194. Society of Plastics Engineers – SPE International Polyolefins Conference 2014
  195. Society of Plastics Engineers – Technical Conference and Exhibition of the Society of Plastics Engineers, ANTEC DUBAI 2014
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