Smart Farming

List of books in Precision Agriculture, Smart Farming, Digitalization in plantation:

  1. Practical Mathematics for Precision Farming, David E. Clay, Sharon A. Clay, Stephanie A. Bruggeman, 2017
  2. Mathematical Applications in Agriculture, Nina H. Mitchell
  3. Analysis of Generalized Linear Mixed Models in the Agricultural and Natural Resources Sciences
  4. Precision Agriculture for Sustainability and Environmental Protection, Margaret Oliver, Thomas Bishop, Ben Marchant, 2013
  5. Precision Agriculture Technology for Crop Farming, Qin Zhang, 2015
  6. Precision Agriculture for Grain Production Systems, Brett Whelan and James Taylor, Csiro Publishing, 2013
  7. Precision Agriculture: Technology and Economic Perspectives, Soren Marcus Pedersen and Kim Martin Lin, Springer, 2017
  8. Handbook of Precision Agriculture, Principles and Applications, Ancha Srinivasan, 2006
  9. Precision Agriculture ’13, 2005
  10. Precision Agriculture, Terry A. Brase, 2006
  11. Precision Agriculture, J. Stafford and A. Werner, 1997
  12. Precision Agriculture in the 21st Century: Geospatial and Information Technologies in Crop Management, National Academy Press, Washington, 1997
  13. Soil Specific Farming: Precision Agriculture, Rattan Lal and B. A. Stewart, 2015
  14. Precision in Crop Farming: Site Specific Concepts and Sensing Methods: Applications and Results, Hermann J. Heege, Springer, 2013
  15. The Precision Farming Guide for Agriculturists, John Deere, Dan Ess, Mark Morgan, 2003
  16. Agricultural Automation: Fundamentals and Practices, Qin Zhang, Francis J. Pierce, CRC Press, 2013
  17. Precision Farming: Soil Fertility and Productivity Aspects, K. R. Khrisna, 2013
  18. Precision Farming: A New Approach, Tulasa Ram, ASTRAL, 2014
  19. Precision Farming, Premjit Sharma, 2007
  20. Precision Farming, B. L. Jana, 2008
  21. Physical Approach to Methods in Precision Agriculture and Quality, Jiri Blahovec, Miroslav Kutilek, Kluwer Academic / Plenum Publishers, 2002
  22. Precision Farming in Horticulture, Jitendar Singh, 2013
  23. Precision Livestock Farming Applications: Making Sense of Sensors to Support Farm Management, Ilan Halachmi, Wageningen Academic Publishers, 2015
  24. John Deere and the Birth of Precision Agriculture,
  25. Geostatistical Applications for Precision Agriculture, M. A. Oliver
  26. Mathematical Programming for Agricultural, Environmental and Resource Economics, Harry M. Kaiser and Kent D. Messer
  27. Treated Wastewater in Agriculture, Guy I Levy, Pinchas Fine, Asher Bar-Tal
  28. Handbook of Operations Research in Natural Resources, Andres Weintraub
  29. Introduction to mathematical modeling of crop growth, Christopher The
  30. Agricultural Product Prices, William G. Tomek
  31. Model Building in Mathematical Programming, 5thEdition, H. Paul Williams
  32. Mathematical Methods for Business and Economics, Edward T. Dowling
  33. Environmental Soil Physics, Daniel Hillel
  34. Advanced Mathematics and Mechanics Applications Using MATLAB, 3rdEdition, Howard B. Wilson
  35. Agricultural Systems Modeling and Simulation, Robert M. Peart and R. Bruce Curry
  36. Agricultural Resource Use and Management, CRC Press, Kimberly Etingoff
  37. Economic-Mathematical Methods and Models Under Uncertainty, A. G. Alligev
  38. Methods of Mathematical Modelling, Continuous Systems and Differential Equations, Thomas Witelski and Mark Bowen
  39. Mathematical Modeling in Economics, Ecology and the Environment, 2ndEdition, Natali Hritonenko and Yuri P. Yatsenko
  40. Applied Mathematical Methods for Chemical Engineers, 3rdEdition, Norman W. Loney
  41. Mathematical Modeling in Chemical Engineering, Anders Rasmuson and Bengt Andersson
  42. Advanced Mathematical Methods in Science and Engineering, 2ndEdition, S. I. Hayek
  43. Modelling Mathematical Methods and Scientific Computation, Nicola Bellomo and Luigi Preziosi
  44. Real-Time Environmental Monitoring, Sensors and Systems, Miguel F. Acevedo


List of Scientific Journals categorized in Digital Farming, Agricultural Technology:

  1. Precision Agriculture
  2. Agriculture
  3. Journal of Agricultural Engineering Research
  4. Procedia Technology
  5. Decision Science
  6. Agricultural Economics
  7. Advances in Agronomy
  8. Computers and Electronics in Agriculture
  9. Journal of Production Agriculture
  10. HortTechnology
  11. American Journal of Agricultural Economics
  12. Agribusiness
  13. Journal of Agribusiness and Rural Development
  14. The Journal of Extension
  15. Journal of. Agricultural Extension and Rural Development
  16. Journal of Agricultural and Applied Economics
  17. Data Science Journal
  18. International Journal of Agricultural and Environmental Information Systems
  19. Proceedings of the 16th International Conference of the European Society for Precision Engineering and Nanotechnology, EUSPEN 2016
  20. Agronomy and Crop Science; Computer Networks and Communications; Electrical and Electronic Engineering; Geography, Planning and Development; Information Systems
  21. The 3rd International Conference on Agro-Geoinformatics, Agro-Geoinformatics 2014

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