Handbooks in Biotechnology

List of Handbooks in Biotechnology:

  1. A Guide to Modern Agricultural Biotechnology (ACSH-publication)
  3. Biotechnology Discoveries and Applications-Extensions to high school science curriculum in Alabama, United States
  4. The Promise of Biotechnology (e-Journal USA, Economic Perspectives)
  5. Amgen Biotech Experience-Scientific Discovery for the Classroom (student guide)
  6. Introduction to Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Industries in Taiwan, Rep. of China (2017)
  7. Gene Cloning and DNA Analysis, an Introduction, 6th edition
  8. Introduction to Biotechnology, 2nd Edition, PEARSON Education, Inc.
  9. “Introduction to Biotech: Environmental, Health & Safety Laws Commonly Affecting the Biotechnology Industry” (Smith Anderson, Lawyers)
  10. Pharmaceutical Biotechnology, Fundamental And Applications, 3rd Edition (Daan J. A. Crommelin)
  11. Industrial Biotechnology-More than Green Fuel in a Dirty Economy? (WWF)
  12. Food Biotechnology: A Communicator’s Guide to Improving Understanding )International Food Information, Council Foundation, 3rd Edition)
  13. Introduction-Naming of Biotechnology Medicines (Emanuel Chantelot, EBE)
  14. Intellectual property in Biotechnology-FACT SHEET
  15. Medical Biotechnology-Achievements, Prospects and Perceptions (Albert Sasson)
  16. PLANT Biotechnology and Genetics-Principles, Techniques and Applications (C. Neal Stewart, JR.)
  17. Introduction to Bioinformatics (Presentation of Dan Lopresti)
  18. ENVIRONMENTAL BIOTECHNOLOGY-Theory and Application (Gareth M. Evans & Judith C. Furlong)
  19. Biotechnology Procedures and Experiments Handbook (S. Harisha)
  20. Introduction to Animal Biotechnology (Department of Animal Science, National Chung Tsing University)
  21. Introduction to Biotechnology: A Georgia Teachers Resource Manual
  22. Introduction to Biotechnology: Laboratory Manual, Austin Community College, Biotechnology Department
  23. Introduction to Molecular Biology and Genetic Engineering (Oliver Brandenberg)
  24. Introduction of Biotechnology no.19: Microbial Genetics Fundamentals (Handai Cyber University)
  25. Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering (Kathy Wilson Peacock)
  26. Guide to Biotechnology-Biotechnology Industry Organization
  27. Introduction to Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering (A. J. Nair)
  28. Biotechnology, 5th Edition (John E. Smith)


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