Heat-Transfer Handbooks

List of Heat Transfer Handbook (June 2018):

  2. Fluid Dynamics and Heat Transfer, James G. Knudsen, Donald L. Katz, 1979
  3. Handbook of Heat Transfer Applications, McGraw-Hill, Warren Max Rohsenow, James Patrick Hartnett, Ejup N. Ganiâc, 1985
  4. Introduction to thermal sciences: thermodynamics, fluid dynamics, heat transfer, Wiley, Frank W. Schmidt, Robert E. Henderson, Carl H. Wolgemuth, 1993
  5. Handbook of Heat Transfer, 3rd Edition, MCGraw-Hill, Warren M. Rohsenow, 1998
  6. A Mathematical Introduction to Fluid Mechanics-Texts In Applied Mathematics, Springer, Alexandre J. Chorin, Jerrold E. Marsden, 2000
  7. Heat Transfer Handbook, Wiley, Bejan and Kraus, 2003
  8. Intermediate Heat Transfer, Marcel Dekker, Inc., Kau-Fui Vincent Wong, 2003
  9. Heat and Mass Transfer Data Book, 5th Edition, New Age International (P) Limited Publishers, C. P. Kothandaraman and S. Subramanyan, 2004
  10. Springer Handbook of Experimental Fluid Mechanics, Volume 1, Cameron Tropea, Alexander L. Yarin, 2007
  11. Heat Exchanger Design Handbook, Begell House, Geoffrey F. Hewitt, 2008
  12. Heat Transfer, Ventus Publishing ApS, Chris Long and Naser Sayma, 2009
  13. Conjugate Problems in Convective Heat Transfer, CRC Press, Abram S. Dorfman, 2009
  14. DOE Fundamentals Handbook, Thermodynamics, Heat Transfer and Fluid Flow, Vol. 1, US Department of Energy
  15. Engineering Thermodynamics, Michael J. Moran
  16. Fundamentals of Thermodynamics, 6th Edition, Sonntag, Borgnakke, van Wylen
  17. A Heat Transfer Textbook, 4th Edition, Dover Publications, Inc., John H. Lienhard, 2011
  18. Engineering Fluid Mechanics, 10th Edition SI Version, Wiley, Donald F. Elger, Barbara C. Williams, Clayton T. Crowe, John A. Roberson, 2013
  19. Handbook of Environmental Fluid Dynamics, Volume Two: Systems, Pollution, Modeling and Measurements, CRC Press, Harindra Joseph Fernando, 2013
  20. Thermodynamics and Chemistry, 2nd Edition, Howard Devoe, 2015
  21. Fluid Mechanics and Heat Transfer: Advances in Nonlinear Dynamics Modeling, CRC Press, Kaveh Hariri Asli, Soltan Ali Ogli Aliyev, 2015
  22. Fluid Mechanics Aspects of Fire and Smoke Dynamics in Enclosures, CRC Press, Bart Merci, Tarek Beji, 2016
  23. Handbook of Fluid Dynamics, Second Edition, CRC Press, Richard W. Johnson, 2016
  24. The CRC Handbook of Thermal Engineering, 2nd Edition, edited by Frank Kreith and Raj P. Chhabra, 2017
  25. A Heat Transfer Textbook, 4th Edition, John H. Lienhard, 2017

Heat Transfer and Storage:

  1. Electrohydrodynamic Heat Transfer Enhancement for a Latent Heat Storage Heat Exchanger, Paul Robert Dellorusso and Technical University of Nova Scotia. Department of Mechanical Engineering, 1997
  2. Radiant Heat Transfer from Storage Casks to the Environment, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, United States. Department of Energy. Office of Scientific and Technical Information, 1999
  3. Dynamics of Regenerative Heat Transfer, Taylor and Francis, John A Willmott, 2001
  4. Principles of Heat Transfer, John Wiley & Sons, Massoud Kaviany, 2002
  5. Building Heat Transfer, Wiley, Morris Grenfell Davies, 2004
  6. Advanced Heat Transfer and Thermal Storage Fluids, L. Moens, D. Blake, US DOE, 2005
  7. Heat-Transfer Equipment, McGraw Hill Professional, Don W. Green, Robert H. Perry, 2007
  8. Heat Transfer Laboratory Manual, Laxmi Publications, Pte. Ltd., Abdul Matheen, 2007
  9. Solar Energy: Principles of Thermal Collection and Storage, 3rd Edition, Tata McGraw-Hill Publishing Company Limited, New Delhi, Sukhatme, 2008
  10. Thermal Storage and Advanced Heat Transfer Fluids (Fact Sheet), US Department of Energy, 2010
  11. Thermal Energy Storage: Systems and Applications, 2nd Edition, Wiley, Ibrahim Dincer, 2011
  12. Principles of Heat Transfer in Porous Media, Springer-Verlag, M. Kaviany, 2012
  13. Advances in Thermal Energy Storage Systems: Methods and Applications, Woodhead Publishing, Luisa F. Cabeza, 2014
  14. Heat Transfer Physics, 2nd Edition, Massoud Kaviany, 2014
  15. Technologies for Heat Transfer Improvement in Latent Thermal Energy Storage Systems, Peijie Li, 2015
  16. Nanoparticles for Heat Transfer and Thermal Energy Storage, US Department of Energy, 2015
  17. Heat Transfer Phenomena and Applications, Scitus Academics LLC, Sunan Metharom, 2016
  18. Thermal Energy Storage Analyses and Designs, Academic Press Elsevier, Pei-Wen Li, Cho Lik Chan, 2017
  19. Coupled Heat Transfer and Water Flow in Soil-Borehole Thermal Energy Storage Systems in Unsaturated Soil Profiles, University of California, San Diego, Tugce Baser, 2017
  20. Evolution of Global Heat Transfer Coefficient on PCM Energy Storage Cycles, Elsevier, Luís Pedro Esteves, Ana Magalhães, Victor Ferreira, Carlos Pinho, 2017
  21. High-Temperature Thermal Storage Systems Using Phase Change Materials, Elsevier Academic press, Luisa Cabeza, N.H. Steven Tay, 2018
  22. Molten Salt-based Nanofluids as Efficient Heat Transfer and Storage Materials at High Temperatures-An Overview of the Literature, Elsevier Science, Belén Muñoz-Sánchez, Javier Nieto-Maestre, Iñigo Iparraguirre-Torres, Ana García-Romero, Jose M. Sala-Lizarraga, 2018
  23. Solar Heat Storage: Volume II: Latent Heat Material, CRC Press, G.A. Lane, 2018
  24. Concentrated Solar Thermal Energy Technologies: Recent Trends and Applications, Springer, Laltu Chandra, Ambesh Dixit, 2018

Handbook of Physical Chemistry:

  1. Handbook of Physical-Chemical Properties and Environmental Fate for Organic Chemicals, 2nd Edition, Taylor & Francis Group, LLC, Donald Mackay, 2006
  2. Atkins Physical Chemistry, Peter Atkins and Julio de Paula, James Keeler, 2018
  3. Physical Chemistry: A Very Short Introduction, Peter Atkins, 2014
  4. Physical Chemistry for the Life Sciences, Peter Atkins and Julio de Paula, 2011

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